Insider Pinterest Masterclass

Learn how to get more traffic, subscribers & sales without wasting time on things that don’t matter–From a Pinterest INSIDER.


You've been told Pinterest is a machine for driving traffic and sales. Heck, you might have experienced this in years past. But now? You're not sure how to make Pinterest work for you (or if it's even worth it?).


The Insider Pinterest Masterclass is for YOU if ...

You're frustrated & overwhelmed with what feels like constant "new" best practices for Pinterest?

You're unsure if what you're doing on Pinterest is even making an impact on your business?

You know there's something more about the potential on Pinterest you just haven't tapped into yet. 

You don't have a lot of time, and you don't want to spend money on fancy tools, or on advice you don't trust.

Don't worry. I have the INSIDE scoop. 

I'm Tori, by the way. 

I worked for Pinterest as a contract creative strategist & designer (helping brands crush it by designing Pins that help them achieve their marketing goals) for three years and I'm sharing insider secrets because I want YOU to see the same success!

I've spent the last ten years marketing on Pinterest–and three years as an adhoc part of their creative team.  I've applied my strategies to blogs, brands, and businesses of all types and sizes. 

I've spoken at conferences and given dozens on interviews on the topic because I want to help as many bloggers, small business owners, and marketers that I can.

I'll help you start focusing on things that matter and that will REALLY drive results for your business.

I'm sharing INSIDER TIPS in this Pinterest Course that you can't get from anyone else (no, really)!

I've used Pinterest to significantly increase traffic & sales for ecommerce brands and I've designed Pins for hundreds of brands and bloggers. I can help you, too.


  • To cut through all the chatter and really understand where to focus your energy on Pinterest?
  • To feel less overwhelmed and more empowered?
  • To get more traffic to your website or blog that converts to more leads, subscribers and sales? 
  • To get an INSIDER look at what it takes to make a great Pinterest creative and experiences on your site? 
  • To create a strategic workflow so that you can continue to create Pinterest-centric content that will convert?
  • To stop spinning your wheels on tactics that won't meaningfully impact your business and instead, focus on a few that will?

I'm Ready, Let's Do This!

Tori's Pinterest Expertise In the Press

There's a reason I've spoken at dozens of conferences, been interviewed in the press, and am a sought after Pinterest expert. I make Pinterest marketing understandable and actionable so you can start seeing results fast. My tactics work for bloggers and businesses of all sizes!


  • You're confused (and perhaps a bit overwhelmed) with all of the free Pinterest tips you're reading–you're not sure what actually matters most.
  • You know there's potential for Pinterest to really impact your business, but you're unsure how to tap into the power. 
  • You are a entrepreneur, or have a small team and don't have a lot of time or money to hire help for Pinterest . . . so you need actionable strategies that you can do quickly and effectively. 

What The Insider Pinterest Masterclass Includes

I'll teach you my exact Pinterest strategies in: 4 Modules, that include 12 Video Lessons, and using 100+ Real Pin Examples that will bring it all to life. Oh yeah, I'll share helpful bonuses and swipe files as well.

Creating Pinterest Images That Convert 


There’s no need to design blindly! I’m sharing the secret sauce to creating Pins that stand out in the feed. I'm giving you an inside look at what makes a great Pinterest design that converts. 


 Igniting Your Organic Success 


If you could control how your content is shared on Pinterest, wouldn’t you want to? Well, you can! Let's talk about priming your content so when it’s Pinned it’s set up for max success.

Unleashing The Power of Analytics  


It’s time to put on your marketing hat. You’ll get a back-door look at strategies to fuel your success on Pinterest and grow your blog or businesses. Don’t worry, no marketing degree required.

Getting Started With Pinterest Ads 


Pinterest Ads don’t have to be scary. Let’s explore if they’re right for you and learn the basics. And if you’ve already tested them, we’ll talk about strategies to amp up your success. 

"Tori is my go-to for any Pinterest questions. I trust her information and truly appreciate her straight forward approach to using Pinterest for my business. She lays out the information in an easy to navigate way and I've already started to put her suggestions in to use! I know there are a lot of courses out there, but I think if you can only choose one, it should be this one! "

Sharon Garfalow
Blogger, Cupcakes & Cutlery

"Tori made it very clear and concise to understand everything from creating and optimizing content to creating Pinterest ads and examining analytics. The information and explanations were direct and to the point which made it easy for me to digest. My favorite things from the class was the plethora of visual examples. To be able to visually see the pins and how they differ from one another helped connect the information together."

Rodrigo Funchal
Marketing Associate, clé tile

Okay, what am I getting exactly?

  • Over 4 hours of video training broken out in 12 easy-to-follow lessons

  • 10 Bonuses that include cheat sheets, demos, swipe files, and resources
  • 100's of real Pin examples demonstrating tactics
  • An invitation to connect in a private Facebook group for students only (which includes direct access to me as well)
  • Updated course information as things change



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Q: I'm pretty busy right now, do I have to do the course on a specific schedule?

A: I totally get being busy so I've made this course 100% go-at-your-own-pace. All of the content is waiting for you inside the course library and you can listen, watch, and re-watch however makes sense for your schedule.   


Q: Are your tips the same ones I see in other courses and free content? 

A: That's a fair question and the answer is . . . NOT AT ALL! Consider this your inside scoop. I don't talk about the real basic stuff that I know you've probably already studied. I focus on a sound foundation and framework for your content and focus on how that ties in with Pinterest marketing. This course is more for intermediate and advanced strategies.  I'm confident you'll get an entire different approach to Pinterest marketing with my course. If you need a refresh on some of the basics, we can chat about it in our Facebook Group for the course.



Q: Does this course really apply to all types of bloggers, brands, and businesses?

A: Pop the confetti, because it does! These are the exact strategies I've used for all types of blogs, brands, and businesses–From food blogs to app based companies. Pet products to wedding photography. Businesses with subscription models to businesses with 1,000's of physical products. So, regardless if you're a solo blogger or leading social on a small team, this course will help you up-level your game (and results).


Q: You worked for Pinterest?

A: In addition to working directly with brands the past nine years on Pinterest, I've spent three years working directly with Pinterest's advertising teams (as a contractor). This course is in no way officially affiliated by Pinterest. It's just me, Tori, sharing an inside look at the work I've been doing and providing you training so that you can apply these strategies to your own content and marketing efforts. 


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